Thursday, September 29, 2011

Milone - My Enlightenment

We were in Philosophy class when our professor, Dr. Kirk, answered the meaning of life. One of the other students had asked him a question, I couldn’t tell you now what it was, and it was as though his old face had lost forty years. He brightened up, and began writing on the board and spouting what he had discovered. When he was done, the entire class had become enlightened.

“We must go and spread the word,” Dr. Kirk told us. We spilled out into the hall, each of us going to a classroom and explaining our revelation. The other classes became enlightened, too, and each of them spread out until eventually the entire campus was enlightened with Dr. Kirk’s truth.

I had done my part, and lead the entire science building out to join the rest of the campus. We all linked arms, the whole of the student body along with the faculty, and danced into the center of the campus in song. The squirrels jumped and danced with us, having heard the message through the windows. Normally squirrels cannot understand human words, but the basic truth of life was so simple that even the animals could grasp it when they heard it. Birds flew down from the sky and circled us, and we all sang together in one tongue the truth we had uncovered.

“We will change the world,” Dr. Kirk said to me. I smiled and agreed as we danced, but that was when the flying saucers arrived.

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