Thursday, December 8, 2011

Milfive - My Talk with the Martian King

We arrived on Mars, where I was immediately taken into custody. After several weeks in Martian prison (which is quite comfortable, although the food was not to my human tastes) I was brought before the Martian king.

King Kriggruneg, the Martian king, was finally escaping the entrapment of the net I had thrown over him (how it took them so long to figure a way out of it, I will never understand). As they cut the last strands that bound him, the king asked me my name, which I gave him. When he asked how I knew the Martians were arriving, how I knew his name, and how I knew the best way to defeat them, I told him it was a lucky guess. Miraculously, he believed me.

“It is obvious to us that you are a great thinker from your world,” he told me. “You must be a leader of some kind, perhaps of the military?”

I told him I was a former King of Earth who had been exiled to the prison that they had landed in. Kriggruneg told me that they were under the impression that it was a school, a place of learning, which they had landed in. I corrected him that it was a prison for former leaders. He said he could see how the mistake was made, and the matter was settled.

With the formalities out of the way, King Kriggruneg invited me to a royal banquet, telling me that Mars could use great minds like mine. He laughed when I asked him if he meant for eating, although I couldn’t discern the exact cause for his laughter. It was at the banquet where I was first introduced to the king’s family, including his seventy-four daughters. Martian women are taller and shapelier than Martian men, being about the same size as Earth women (though most seem to be a bit taller). They shared the large, bulbous eyes of the men, and but had hair where the men did not. We had a great feast, but it was afterwards that the king told me the plight of his seventy-fifth daughter.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Milfour - My Second Time Being Invaded

We had just reached enlightenment when all hell broke loose.

The Martians arrived, as I had anticipated. When they presented themselves, I recognized (from my time spent as a colonized human) the king Martian. I called him by name, which got the attention of the Martians.

I was brought before the Martian king, whose name was Kriggruneg. He asked me how I knew his name, and also how I spoke Martian (I spoke Martian). Instead of answering I threw a net over him. He was so confused that he ordered the ships to leave, and they did, never to bother Earth again.

It was a pity that I was still on board.